Can I change the phone service package without going to the service center?
The phone service package can be changed automatically- call from your phone to the number 2 100 100, dial `3` then '2' in the automatic mode and follow the instructions.
Do I need to present my identity card in order to get a detailed record of my phone conversation?
To get a detailed record of your phone conversation, you will need to present your identity card.
How can I know the amount billed on my phone number?
Call to the free automatic information number 2 100 103 and get information from your home on the charges billed on your phone number.
Can I restrict the 0 code?
The 0 code can be restricted, in which case no charged calls can be made from the phone number.
Where can I get the invoice?
For a physical person, a stamped invoice can be obtained at the service centers of Silknet, while the electronic invoice can be obtained by making a request on the hotline 2 100 200.
For a legal person, when do I have to pay the charges billed to avoid the unilateral disconnection of the phone service?
For a legal person, charges can be paid up to the 25th day. It is preferable to disburse the amount 3 working days earlier- you will necessarily need to indicate the phone number and the account number in the invoice. The charges for local calls will be billed on the last day of each month.
What should I do if the DSL Internet service is abolished?
To abolish the service, the person on whose name the DSL Internet or phone service is registered, shall apply to any service center of the company and return all the devices handed, based on the acceptance and delivery certificate, into the temporary possession of the customer.
What should I do if the DSL Internet modem is damaged?
If the modem is damaged, you must apply to the technical unit of Didube service center at the following address: Tevdore Mgvdeli No 46, Tbilisi. Isani, Shiraki No 40
How can I order Silk TV?

Silk TV can be ordered any our service centers, as well as in the online mode on the web-site: link or call to the hotline 2 100 100.

What is the cost of the Silk TV remote controller and where can I buy it?

The cost of the Silk TV remote controller is 15 GEL and it can be purchased at the service centers of Silknet.

How can I make calls abroad?
Using the international code of Silknet- 10-16, you will be able to make calls to any country of the world at low rates. Dial: 10-16-00 the code of respective country- the code of respective city/town- the phone number of the person you are calling to.
How can I know the codes and rates for international calls?
The information is available on our web-site www.silknet.com Also you can call free to the information center at the number 2 100 100 or visit the service centers.
How can the remote controller be connected to the TV set?
To use the Silk TV remote controller, you will need to the connect the device to the TV set by entering a single pin code in the application. You can get the single pin code in the menu of the TV set of the Silk TV. Look for the `Remote Controller`in the category `My Silk TV`that, when respective button is pressed, will display a window for the pin code. After entering the pin code, confirm on the TV set display the connection to the application. To use the application, you will need to have access to the Internet.
What is the Silk Phone OTT?
The Silk Phone OTT is a fixed phone service that can be used from any location on the globe with the access to the Internet. The customers also can use the fixed phone rates and conditions of Silknet when connecting to the Internet at any location of the globe.
What will be the numbering of customers of the Silk Phone OTT?
The customer of the Silk Phone OTT will be assigned the numbering designated for the fixed phone service of Silknet. Maximum 3 (three) phone numbers can be activated for each customer.
How can I change my data (email, contact number) on the portal?
After registration on the portal, in the category `Parameters` you can change your email and password. No changes can be made to the mobile phone number on the portal. To change the mobile phone number, please visit the service centers or call to the call center and change the mobile phone number, using the code word.
Where can I find the code word on the portal?
You can find the code word on the portal in the category `Services` (according to each account number). In addition, the code word is provided below the name of the customer.
How can I use it on the Wi-Fi device?
When using the Wi-Fi device and activating the Turbo Button, you may not be able to use the 100 Mb/s Internet as the speed transfer depends on the conductivity of your Wi-Fi device. In that case, you can use the 100 Mb/s Internet by the direct network connection (by switching to the cable computer).
How to pay?

Monthly payment can be made by indicating personal account number on the online web-sites as well as by calling to the hotline 2 100 100 on our web-site and knowing your personal account number. This will allow you to pay simply.

How can I use the Silk TV Optima?

To install Silk TV, you will need to have the Internet, at least, with the speed 3 MB. You can check the speed at the following link: speed.100100.ge/ To purchase a decoder, you can apply to any service center of the company Silknet.

How can I use it on the laptop with Turbo Button?
When using a laptop, if the device holds no technical indicators/parameters for receiving/conducting the 100 Mb/s speed, you may not use the 100 Mb/s speed Internet when activating the Turbo Button.
Who can use the Night Express?
To all optic internet users except Formula 1
What’s 4G LTE? What are the benefits of Geocell 4G LTE technology?
4G is the 4th generation of mobile network technology, giving you faster internet speeds and an overall better internet experience comparing to previous ones (2G-2.5G GPRS, EDGE ; 3G-3.5G HSPA, HSPA+). You’ll definitely notice a difference. It comes with numerous benefits, like: Faster web browsing Faster downloads (documents, photos, apps, music etc) Faster photo & Video uploads Stream videos and music Send and receive e-mails with large attachments faster
What is the price of 4G LTE internet?

We do not differentiate internet tariffs based on internet types. All existing tariffs and packs are valid for 4G LTE data as well. To use the low tariffs, you can activate mobile internet packs *135#

Do I need to change SIM card?

Most of Geocell subscribers are already using Geocell USIM, which is 4G compatible. To check sim card compatibility please or to change sim card please visit our shops

How will I know where 4G is?
When you’re getting 4G coverage on your 4G phone, you’ll see either "4G", "4G LTE" or "LTE" appear next to the signal bars at the top of your screen.
Where can I use 4G LTE?
4G LTE is available in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Zugdidi and Kazbegi.
How can I activate 4G LTE?
4G LTE will be activated automatically for every smartphone which are compatible with Geocell 4G LTE. However you need to Turn it on from your smartphone menu , please follow phone-specific instructions : Apple iPhone: Settings> Cellular>Voice & Data> LTE iPad: Settings>Cellular Data>Enable LTE>Toggle LTE On In case of Apple you also need to set APN. Settings> Cellular>cellular data network>LTE set-up>APN and set the APN value: internet Samsung Galaxy S4: Settings> More networks (More settings)>Mobile networks>Network mode>Change to LTE Nokia Lumia 820: Settings>Mobile network>Highest connection speed>Change to LTE HTC HTC One: Settings>Mobile data>Network mode>Change to LTE HTC One SV: Settings>Mobile network>Network mode>Change to LTE HTC Windows Phone 8X: Settings>Mobile network>Highest connection speed>LTE Sony Xperia Z: Settings>Wireless & Networks “More…” >Mobile networks>Network Mode>Change to LTE
What are the anticipated speeds of 4G LTE?
The average practical speed is around 20-30 mbps and maximum practical speed – 80-100 mbps. The max speed depends on technical specifications of the device , network load, network coverage and number of connected users for the specific period of time.
What’s the difference between 3G and 4G?
In a word - speed. Geocell 4G LTE provides speeds up to 10 times faster than the current average speed on 3G network. Impressive right? For now, 4G is a data-only network (in the future we are planning to modernize the network to support the voice). That means that when you make or receive a call, your service needs to be transferred from 4G onto either 3G, or 2G networks. When you make or receive a call, you'll notice the '4G' or 'LTE' symbol on your screen will switch to a G/GPRS; E/ EDGE, 3G; 3,5G/H ან H+ symbol. When you finish your call, your service will try to reconnect back onto 4G LTE.
What’s the difference between the names LTE and 4G LTE?
4G is often referred to as LTE which stands for "Long Term Evolution". Different handset manufacturers refer to both terms so on an iPhone you will see ‘LTE’ on the screen (when in 4G coverage) and in your menu settings, whereas on Android devices you could have both "4G" or "LTE" on your screen and in menu settings.
Can I switch seamlessly between 4G LTE and 3G networks with my 4G device?
Yes. Your 4G LTE devices are backward-compatible, so you’ll be able to switch between 4G LTE and 3G networks with no problem.
Will my device always stay connected to 4G?
You might notice that your device is switching between 3G and 4G coverage as you move around - that’s because it will automatically select the strongest signal for the area you’re in.
Can I answer/make the call or send/receive SMS while having 4G connection active?
The answer is YES. You can answer/make the call or send/receive SMS while having 4G connection active. The data session will not be terminated.
Will I be able to access 4G services while roaming?
At an initial stage Roaming on LTE will be blocked. In case LTE only is selected in mobile device settings it should be changed.
What is Gigabit LTE?
Gigabit LTE is highest speed mobile internet network (4.9G). With this technology subscriber will get 7 times faster mobile internet at the speed of up to 1000Mb/sec. Gigabit LTE is a major milestone on the road to 5G. Silknet is the first company in Georgia, as well as in the region, having implemented this latest technology - 4.9G (Gigabit LTE). By incorporating this technology Silknet joined up to 30 leading operators worldwide who are offering Gigabit LTE to its customers.
What’s the difference between 4G and Gigabit LTE?
Gigabit LTE is 7 times faster than 4G internet speed. Using Gigabit LTE, you can download 4K movies in only 2 minutes, FHD in just couple of seconds and HD YouTube/Facebook videos in instant. And all these is possible without any delays (buffer). Gigabit LTE has 3x more capacity than 4G which means that more users can experience fastest internet. This technology gives you opportunity to watch UHD and 4K videos online, play online games without any breaks and download large files (4K movies, games)
Can I answer/make the call or send/receive sms while having Gigabit LTE connection?
The answer is YES. You can answer/make the call or send/receive SMS while having Gigabit LTE connection active. The data session will not be terminated.
What are the anticipated speeds of Gigabit LTE?
Gigabit LTE is capable of delivering speeds up to 1 Gbps. However, max speed depends on technical specifications of the device, network load, network coverage and number of connected users for the specific period of time.
Where can I use Gigabit LTE?

Initially, Silknet started to offer this technology in Tbilisi, as of now it’s also available in most parts of Georgia, where customers can experience unprecedented mobile internet speed.

How Can I activate Gigabit LTE?
There is no need to do any additional operation in order to activate Gigabit LTE. You just need to activate corresponding field in your smartphone menu. It should be mentioned that higher LTE category (Cat-16 and further models) smartphones can reach maximum speed of internet. Currently there are number of models available on the market which offer this opportunity: Samsung Galaxy S9/10, Apple Iphone XS/XS Max/XR, Sony Xperia XZ3, OnePlus 6, Xiaomi 8/9, LG G7 ThinQ, LG V30S ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ. However, other smartphone users can also feel the difference in speed between normal 4G and Gigabit LTE.
What icon is displayed on the screen when I’m using Gigabit LTE?
There is no special symbol for Gigabit LTE exclusively, however when you are getting Gigabit LTE coverage on your phone, you’ll see either “4G+” or “LTE+” (L+) (Different operators have different icons), these means that you are using faster technology than normal LTE, for e.g. 4.5G or Gigabit LTE.