International Communications


Mobile Phone

Index 10-16 provides you connection with Georgian mobile providers!

Call from your home phone any mobile provides with index 10 -16 just for GEL 0.25!

   Fast connection
   Best quality
   The lowest price
   Easy payment system

How to call?
10-16 - 0 + Mobile provider index + phone number

Call Rate per minute
Index 10-16-0 – GEL 0.25
Index 0 – GEL 0.32 


How can I make calls abroad?
Using the international code of Silknet- 10-16, you will be able to make calls to any country of the world at low rates. Dial: 10-16-00 the code of respective country- the code of respective city/town- the phone number of the person you are calling to.
How can I know the codes and rates for international calls?
The information is available on our web-site Also you can call free to the information center at the number 2 100 100 or visit the service centers.

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